Thursday, December 8, 2016

your soul + your FORCE, stephanie marie photographie, nashville TN baptism photographer

you've felt the moments
you are uncontrollably stopped as if frozen
in time
in the exactly present spectrum of time as only you are meant to feel it.

it happens without warning
without a plan
with insinuate reason
and power
and emotion
and FORCE.

ground shaking FORCE.

what it is to you is exactly as you are meant to be the interpreter.
my force God may be your cosmic theory or scientific dissection, your Buddha, your mother Teresa, our humanity in the moment a cosmic shift as ONE.

the understanding given with wisdom and understanding of the soul, that we are part of a miraculous speck of perfect positioning. the mere fact we exist is enough to blow what our brains are capable of fathoming. but it is great, to understand that whatever your FORCE may be, the conviction that we are but the meek portals of a great GREATNESS so much more incredible than we can even conceptualize.

once your grasp of your FORCE is within your being, you are given the ability to truly see. i don't mean sight with your eyes. sight with your senses wholly enlightened. and it. will. take. you. on. a. high...a so so high.

the day you are able to feel the power of our earth, universe and human being, you start to receive gifts...personal gifts...

my gift is the ability to see light spectrum. the full color spectrum of light and its glorious living constant giving newness. light is hope, light is a new day, light is warmth and soft and beauty. without light we would fail to feel joy. our bodies actually would perform completely different if we were never exposed to the great healing power of light...and only BC our sun, a star 4.5 billion years old, provides the exact heat, to grow the perfect plants to provide the life source of water to spark what we know as life.

water. the most powerful source on our planet. the single drowning organism that can start life and swiftly take it away. 
we are created in water
we are bathed in water
we drink water to survive
our bodies are 60% water
the earth is 71% water
when we praise water is the cleansing source of all ails

so what is water is your FORCE?
how do you feel the moment when water changes your soul?

No one told MrL what to believe.
He didn't ask to be lead
but at 7 years old he requested
his moment
to open his eyes
to feel the power
to open his soul

at the same time he opened all of our souls to a powerful so overwhelming, it shook the very ground that we stood upon...

so i don't usually share what i save for my clients, but this
this deserved to be shared...

all my love my FORCE followers,

Friday, November 25, 2016

small business saturday 2016. go local. go small business. be a builder. be a dreamer. stephanie marie photographie, nashville tn lifestyle photographer

we all benefit from community
from togetherness
in the very
moment at
the perfect

small business saturday 2016. go local. go small business. be a builder. be a dreamer. stephanie marie photographie, nashville tn lifestyle photographer

we all benefit from community
from togetherness
in the very
moment at
the perfect

Saturday, October 15, 2016

mr. r, miss k, school buses, and parents who love more than can be real...stephanie marie photographie, nashville tn family photography, nashville tn conceptual photography

i always express to my clients one thing...
MY relationship with your family matters...
we get comfy and cozy,
we learn each other,
we become a safe place...

trust a photog with your family,
trust their talent,
trust their eye,
trust in your relationship with them...

and watch magic unfold before you...

bc images should evoke so much more than just the subject.
when you look at an image, it should take you there, make you feel something, make you remember...

To experience your OWN moments captured for a lifetime, contact Stephanie Marie Photographie at 615.810.9048 or

Friday, October 14, 2016

miss p, her brothers & a seriously gorgeous mama...stephanie marie photographie, nashville newborn photographer, nashville newborn lifestyle photographer

a new life
a new love
a new beginning
a new beauty
a new cry
a new heart


to high to come down

a love conquering all.

A newborn in home lifestyle session...capturing the moments, the environment, creating a lifetime together...

To experience your OWN moments captured for a lifetime, contact Stephanie Marie Photographie at 615.810.9048 or

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

DECK THE WALLS HOLIDAY EVENT 2016, Stephanie Marie Photographie, Nashville TN family photographer, Franklin TN childrens photography

Deck the Walls 2016
A Holiday Mini Session Event
20 minute on-location session
5 high resolution digital images with FULL print release
50 fine-art linen 5x7 boutique greeting card sets
16x20 fine-art canvas gallery wrap
Exclusive What to Wear Guide
Champagne & Cupcakes Event

All sessions will receive their online gallery within 2 weeks of their session.  Greeting cards will be given a proof and 1 revision.
*$225 due at booking, balance due 2-3 weeks before your session*

Orders will be distributed at The Champagne & Cupcakes Event
Friday, November 18, 2016 6-8p.

This year is a BIG year for the conceptual Deck the Walls sessions! We will be shooting at the vintage red barn of Lewisburg Pike in Franklin TN.
This session will feature a 100 year old vintage farm barn, with the classic Stephanie Marie Photographie stars concept complete with vintage seating options and true family love captured.
BOOKING: SEPT 18 3 sessions
SEPT 23 3 sessions
SEPT 25 4 sessions
OCT 15 3 sessions
OCT 30 3 sessions
Features the Nashville city skyline from the city sidewalks and pedestrian bridge.  This session is perfect for the urban family or to show off this spectacular city we live in!
BOOKING: OCT 1 3 sessions
OCT 7 3 sessions
OCT 8 5 sessions
NOV 6 4 sessions
ALL sessions are B.Y.O.T! Bring your own traditions! We will incorporate them in your photoshoot to personalize your session even more & create a new fun tradition for your family years to come!
PLEASE look closely at the date and session offered, it is specific.  Sessions will begin 2 hours before sundown or an hour after sunrise & last approximately 20 minutes each.  Times will be announced one month before your session. (Because we want that oh so yummy evening light!) Please indicate when booking whether you prefer an earlier or later session time. 
Goodies & refreshments will be served adding even more fun to our new tradition!

$225 of package total is due at the time of booking & is considered deposit to secure session.
Remaining balance is due 2-3 weeks prior to your session.
Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE but is transferable up to one year from original date.
In the case of inclement weather, alternate dates are provided by photographer.
Mini sessions yield 10-12 fully edited images per gallery.
When booking please state your date, preferred session time, and theme.  I will do my best to accommodate everyone’s 1st choice!
A little bonus--- 2016 sessions will receive priority booking in 2017!!!

Deck the Walls Minis are subject to TN sales tax 9.25%
TO BOOK: OR 615.810.9048

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

THE SPRING MINI SESSION EVENT 2016, Stephanie Marie Photographie, Nashville TN children's photographer, Franklin TN modern family photography, Spring Hill TN lifestyle photography, Spring Mini Photography sessions

Could it be?  I can feel it, really feel it, dare I say it outloud???

Ok, everyone quietly, with fingers crossed, say it with me...
SPRING HAS FINALLY SPRUNG!  Hopefully...I promise Mother Nature...I BELIEVE!
Whew, ok I think we are in the clear now! SOOOOO, lets celebrate with the release of the
2016 April Spring Mini Sessions!!!


30 minute on-location photography session

5 digital images with full print release

set of 3 accordion mini albums


$125 due at time of booking
Final balance due 2 weeks prior to session

($1025 value)
{TN sales tax NOT included}

BOOKING & LOCATION INFO: or 615.810.9048

sessions are booked on first come first serve basis & have limited availability.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

WV 2016, Charleston WV photographer, Stephanie Marie Photographie, Charleston WV modern family photography, Charleston WV premier children's photography

Its that time of year again! Whoop! Whoop!

We will be shooting in Charleston this year April 29- May 1, 2016.  Only 5 sessions are available this year:

Friday April 29 1 session
Saturday April 30 2 sessions
Sunday May 1 2 sessions

Stephanie Marie Photographie is celebrating our 6th annual WV trip this year!
We will be in town April 29-May 1, 2016!
Booking is now open for the limited edition sessions!
NO shipping OR sales tax on orders $800 & up
25% off a la carte orders $1000 & up
$1650 Digital Collection (350 savings)
($195 deposit required for booking, deposit includes $100 order credit)
Sample artwork may be viewed here or here or here or by requested live links!
TO BOOK: 615.810.9048 or

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

the pink couch sessions, stephanie marie photographie, nashville tn boudoir photography, nashville tn premier custom photographer

he gives you butterflies
he watches your every move
he learns you and how to love you
in every way he aims to please you
your every need, desire and dream

he is YOUR man

it is time
time to give him a teaser
a minds drift
it is time to show him

YOU are his WOMAN

introducing an exquisite boudoir experience, each individual woman celebrated and custom posed.
super exclusive private shooting location (liquid courage will be provided!!!)
20 minute session
3 poses
leather bound custom designed 2 sided 5x7 gift folio for your lover
$149.00 + tax


Sunday, January 3, 2016

my #1 girl and her heart of hearts, stephanie marie photographie, denver co lifestyle family photographer

she was my first college friend, my pledge sister in delta gamma, my soul mate, always an ear, always on point, she calls and i know when she calls without looking at the caller id, she is and always will be my forever friend...and here is her whole world...