Tuesday, September 25, 2012

family is love...nashville tn lifestyle family photographer

there is no money to purchase love
there is no game to win to achieve love

there is family, where love knows no bounds and joy is rich.

for there is no measure for the fullness of the heart...

love. family & joy.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

sweet emily & delaney...charleston, wv lifestyle photography

i've known these girls since they were new to the world...their mother is my moms best friend.

there is something about being on my side of the lens watching the wonderful people in front of me.  its almost like magic.  amazing, really the smiles touch me, the laughter fills my heart with joy.

everyday, just a little magic...

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

to get lost...frannklin tn lifestyle photographer

this is me...as a child, constantly lost in the dream world of my imagination reading for hours and hours and hours.

i read everything you could put in my hands, Shakespeare in the 4th grade! can you believe it? i asked my mom to buy it for me!

see this is why i truly love this blessing i strive to grow in everyday.  simple things can capture you and remind you, of the smells, the feelings, the true emotion you felt at the very moment. 

this image did it today for me.  the simple pleasure of being a child. carefree, life happens at your pace...

today is September 11. 11 years ago i stood in my senior year college apartment getting ready for my 2nd class of the day...(admittedly, i skipped my early am that day) however, i would not have experienced any of the history in the making.  i sat on my couch, legs crossed, breath stopped, a round brush still hot from the dryer in my lap, staring, waiting, only to see the 2nd plane smash into the 2nd tower on live TV.  our world changed in an instant.  the naivety of the simple life was smashed as deeply as the towers themselves.  WVU was a state of pandemonium unlike any other.  WVU is home to nearly 1/2 the schools population of NY, NJ and DC northern VA students.  PA makes up another significant portion.  i couldn't forget September 11 even if i wanted to...i pray for the families of the lost victims, hopefully we all do...

may we notice the little things we do ourselves each day.  they are the reminders to our loved ones and friends of who we are.  Of course, you may not remember until you see it yourself...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

daddys hands grows...franklin tn lifestyle family photographer

in daddys hands you fit just right
and you grew and grew

now he needs two arms to hold you!

how sweet the love is!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Snow White + Brenna Gentry Portraiture + Online Mentoring + Florabella Collection Colorplay Photoshop Actions...Nashville TN lifestyle photographer

If you don't know the uber fabulous Brenna Gentry of Brenna Gentry Portraiture + Online Mentoring, you are missing out!  Not only is she the bomb.com editing machine, she is one of the chosen few testers of THE ONE & ONLY Florabella Collection! Don't be scared to click their links and enjoy all of the delicious eye candy this gloomy Tuesday morning!

Florabella Collection recently launched the new Colorplay Photoshop Actions and of course Brenna got to test and review the new amazingness! (yes, I know, its not a word, but I'm pretty stoked about it, so lets forgo proper grammar for a minute!) Not only did she write a spectacular review, your very own Stephanie Marie Photographie Modern Snow White image was used to show how amazing the actions are in use and of course the incredible talent of Miss Gentry! Click to check out the full review here! Below is just a hint of what your world can conquer if you Florabella!

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BEHOLD.... the magic of Brenna Gentry Portraiture + Online Mentoring & Florabella Collection!!!

Stephanie Marie Photographie + Florabella Collection Classic Workflow

Stephanie Marie Photographie + Brenna Gentry + Florabella Collection Colorplay Photoshop Actions
(2nd image features light overlay)