Friday, February 15, 2013

10 on 10 project, our life...Nashville TN lifestyle photography

To be quite honest, when I was invited to join this circle of amazing women I was slightly my work good enough to keep up? what will I shoot? what if its a nasty day? what if my kiddos keep up their normal routine and no matter how many tricks i bust out, they act like little monsters?

well true to form here in middle TN, it rained...and not just a little bit.  it poured ALL day long.  had it been a session with a client, I would have most definitely rescheduled.  then, i remembered an article i read in the child issue of Lemonade & Lenses.  It was written my a mother about shooting her children in their everyday routine.  not picking up and trying to stage anything...just letting them be themselves.  To learn to love grain and imperfection...

last week was one for the books.  we found out tuesday my father in law was diagnosed with lung and liver cancer.  small cell cancer.  the smartest of all cancers that literally "runs" from organ to organ trynig to escape chemo.  wednesday he was not having a good day at all.  we sat at the hospital staring at each other and him willing ourselves to find something to talk about.  thursday the aggressive chemo plan was set out.  friday he received his first treatment.  friday my sister in law and i headed out to tour Mississippi State University as our last tour before she declares who will get the honor of educating our smarty pants for the next 4 years...we almost didnt go.  but, i could tell she more than any of us NEEDED to get out of town...

so sunday rolled around and we were all exhausted.  mentally, physically and spiritually.  i woke up and dreaded the day.  it was nasty, i didn't feel like shooting.  but i figured, what the heck? embrace was the message right? so, i left my inhibitions behind and didn't ask the kids for anything.  it was going to be a stay at home day anyway, so i just put my camera on my desk and told myself i would grab it when i felt like it...and so i did. during breakfast and to witness the "gravy" train before naptime...grainy and dark, kinda like all of our moods, those little angels lifted my spirits with their inability to let anything other than joy lead them in their everyday journey...

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Monday, February 4, 2013

HOPE is all you need...Nashville TN lifestyle photography

Hope Clinic for Women is probably one of the most amazing organizations I have had the pleasure of working with.  Their program sets families up for success and with a positive Christan base, helps them grow for their future.  Check out all they offer here. Sign up to donate or volunteer!  You won't regret it!

When I left just this past Friday, I was so full of joy.  To see the HOPE in all of the women waiting for their newbies to arrive, the new mothers and siblings just bursting with love, makes my heart sing in a way I cannot describe.  I feel so blessed to be a part of all this wonderful and I truly HOPE to do so for many. many more years to come!