Thursday, December 8, 2016

your soul + your FORCE, stephanie marie photographie, nashville TN baptism photographer

you've felt the moments
you are uncontrollably stopped as if frozen
in time
in the exactly present spectrum of time as only you are meant to feel it.

it happens without warning
without a plan
with insinuate reason
and power
and emotion
and FORCE.

ground shaking FORCE.

what it is to you is exactly as you are meant to be the interpreter.
my force God may be your cosmic theory or scientific dissection, your Buddha, your mother Teresa, our humanity in the moment a cosmic shift as ONE.

the understanding given with wisdom and understanding of the soul, that we are part of a miraculous speck of perfect positioning. the mere fact we exist is enough to blow what our brains are capable of fathoming. but it is great, to understand that whatever your FORCE may be, the conviction that we are but the meek portals of a great GREATNESS so much more incredible than we can even conceptualize.

once your grasp of your FORCE is within your being, you are given the ability to truly see. i don't mean sight with your eyes. sight with your senses wholly enlightened. and it. will. take. you. on. a. high...a so so high.

the day you are able to feel the power of our earth, universe and human being, you start to receive gifts...personal gifts...

my gift is the ability to see light spectrum. the full color spectrum of light and its glorious living constant giving newness. light is hope, light is a new day, light is warmth and soft and beauty. without light we would fail to feel joy. our bodies actually would perform completely different if we were never exposed to the great healing power of light...and only BC our sun, a star 4.5 billion years old, provides the exact heat, to grow the perfect plants to provide the life source of water to spark what we know as life.

water. the most powerful source on our planet. the single drowning organism that can start life and swiftly take it away. 
we are created in water
we are bathed in water
we drink water to survive
our bodies are 60% water
the earth is 71% water
when we praise water is the cleansing source of all ails

so what is water is your FORCE?
how do you feel the moment when water changes your soul?

No one told MrL what to believe.
He didn't ask to be lead
but at 7 years old he requested
his moment
to open his eyes
to feel the power
to open his soul

at the same time he opened all of our souls to a powerful so overwhelming, it shook the very ground that we stood upon...

so i don't usually share what i save for my clients, but this
this deserved to be shared...

all my love my FORCE followers,

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