Friday, August 19, 2011

Let's get personal...

As I sit awake at 2a, no my babies are not keeping me up! I sit here pondering my crazy, wonderful August! As many of you know, I did not start my life as a photographer. In fact, a very unique change of events bought this life to me. A God given gift I would cherish forever. A talent, I knew not existed and the knowledge to use his gift to my best ability. Although not seen directly, happiness held a new meaning in my life. I ask you, what were you given that changed your life? Did you have the heart & strength to dare to be different? Did you walk a line you were challenged not to? We all walk our own unique path. All different and all special. Each family I work with inspires me. To experience a love so deep and so unconditional has brought a miraculous joy to my life. I think we each should strive to find our happiness. No masking, no make believe. Real, true, makes your heart pound happiness. Mine is my family, a husband who never let's me forget it's our love that is our family. "it's you and me" "we started this." words I'll remember for the rest of my life, reminding me how strong our bond is. My daughter, who starts big girl preschool tomorrow. My sweet, sweet angel baby who sings at the top of her lungs and dances without a care in the world. My light. The baby who decided he would be carried for 42 weeks just to be a nusiance. The calm his smile brings to my heart astounds me. Photography. The realization of who I am and have wanted to be, I just never knew it. Be happy my friends, be happy.
Just to share a little happiness with you...

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